Chocolate Protein Shake

  • 30 g Protein
  • 161 Calories
  • 1 g Sugar
  • Low

Nutritional Information


  • Keeps You Feeling Full

    Life throws a lot at you. There’s not time to waste feeling hungry! A 30 g protein shake helps keep you feeling full for whatever comes next.

  • 30 g of Protein

    Protein isn’t just good for nourishment. It’s an essential nutrient that helps your body build and maintain muscle. In fact, studies suggest it may be beneficial to eat 25–30 g of protein at each meal.

  • Decadent Taste

    Our shake has indulgent, chocolatey flavour and a smooth, creamy texture so you can satisfy your taste buds while staying right on track.

  • 1 g Of Sugars

    Sacrifices? No, thank you. Our award-winning taste comes without all the sugar, helping to reduce cravings.

  • Incredible Versatility

    Our shakes are so much more than just a drink. They’re ready to be consumed in any way you please. Pour it in the blender with ice for a frozen treat. Mix it in your favourite smoothie recipe. Use in place of cream in your coffee or tea. Bake with it. The choice is yours.